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Professional Services

Your Dependable Garden Design, Construction and Maintenance Service

Not only does our team help you imagine and design a garden - we bring it to life! Our team builds the framework, plants seedlings, performs periodic maintenance, and offers ongoing guidance and best practices to keep your garden great!

"U" Shape Standard Garden

- 12' x 12'
- 100% Cedar Wood
- Stone or Mulch Pathways
- Filled with Top Soil Compost Blend

Standard Garden & Fence

- 25' x 25' Fence

- Fence Height between 6' and 7'

- Fence is Built with Treated Lumber 

- Includes (5) 4'x 8' Raised Beds 

- Raised Beds are Built with Cedar Wood 

- Filled with Top Soil Compost Blend

- Stone or Mulch Pathways 

Landscape Maintenance

- Trimming & Pruning
- Edging
- Mulch & Decorative Stone Installation
- Flower & Tree Installation

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